Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seed Vase Project

This blog is dedicated to the Seed Vase Project, an ongoing project of davistudio, that is about this one vase that I make. It is called a seed vase because it represents the seed of an idea. The idea is that we are actually all connected. If everyone in the world owned a seed vase and took care of it, as part of a global art work, we would all be part of something that is really about how we are connected. The seed vase represents the material piece of that connection.

Please contribute to this blog through the comments and if you own a seed vase, send me pictures and I will post them here. Send me pictures of your seed vase anywhere in the world. Take it with you on vacation and photograph it in front of a famous monument. Or pick flowers from your garden and send me a beautiful shot of it full of today's ephemeral bounty. Help me make this project important. You are essential to it's success.

Thank you.

Mary Anne Davis

Summer 2008

Announcing summer hours at davistudio, Saturday, 12-4PM. Yellow seed vases are on special through the summer. Come and see me if you are upstate this summer...